Our Process

Searching for Hidden Value

Our Continuous Research Process

Our proprietary six-step research process starts from idea generation up to the actual investment option.

Our aim is to assess assets and markets for themes with the potential for asymmetric returns generation.

Idea Generation

  • Key leading indicators
  • Private investor activity (venture capital & private equity)
  • IPO trends
  • Speculative investment discussion
  • Non-mainstream ideas
  • Asymmetric return potential


  • Quantitative hurdles
  • Medium-term return versus risk
  • Ensuring accessibility and viability of instruments
  • Can research, monitor, and explain
  • Sustainable (do no harm)

Theme Selection

  • Clear investment rationale
  • Objective debate and counter case discussion
  • Assessment of risks
  • Specialist opinions if required
  • Implementation proposal

Theme Validation

  • Historic testing and review
  • Scenario analysis
  • Assess expected outcomes and range of risks versus expectation
  • Exit criteria established

Final Selection

  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Review of investment case
  • Market timing and valuation considered
  • Challenge session and open debate before final decision

Ongoing Review

  • Continuous data- and metric- based monitoring
  • Review of market conditions
  • Periodic revisiting of investment case
  • Consideration of exit basis and timing
  • Performance reporting

Some of the best asymmetric investment opportunities around, researched and curated for you.

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