Why US?

Why Us?

As an active private investor, you may feel that the best investment ideas, with the highest return potentials, are the preserve of large fund houses and their research teams, well-resourced family offices, and sophisticated high net worth individuals.

Discovery assets explores investment ideas that are:

  • Under-researched / uncovered by mainstream analysts,
  • Undervalued, and
  • Generally unknown to most private investors.

Our desire is to make non-mainstream, potentially high reward, investment themes known and accessible to private investors.

We believe that at least 90% of most people’s investments should be in diversified multi-asset investments suitable to their circumstances. However, we also believe that a small allocation to the investment themes of Discovery Assets could provide a high-returning kicker to a more conventional portfolio.

Our systematic research process explores ideas that are:

  • not yet mainstream, and
  • high probability, driven by secular supply and demand fundamentals,

and provides position monitoring and sell discipline.

We explain the ideas in simple terms and discuss options to access each idea.

This service offers the following main value-adding components, greatly reducing the need for your own fundamental research:

  • Securities analysis (including initial due diligence);
  • Ongoing monitoring of holdings (including due diligence, e.g. attendance at shareholder meetings);
  • Ongoing monitoring of market conditions for current investment themes (including exit criteria);
  • Continuous market research for new investment themes.

Conventional investment managers would consider them to be highly risky on many dimentions including timescale and drawdown.

We focus on long-term secular supply and demand fundamentals, which are generally fairly predictable over longer-term horizons.

Inevitable vs imminent.

Some of the best investment opportunities around, researched and curated for you.

Important Disclaimer: The data and views provided on this website are for information or educational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a recommendation or solicitation of any kind to buy or sell any asset, instrument, or product, or to adopt any investment idea, strategy, or thesis. Any information provided does not take into account any individual’s knowledge and experience, personal financial circumstances, risk capacity and appetite, or investment aims and objectives. Any investment made or action taken on the basis of any information on this website is taken solely at the risk and responsibility of the investor. The value of your investments, and any income derived from them, may go down as well as up. You may not get back all the money that you invest. If in any doubt, you should seek independent advice from a qualified investment or financial adviser. Discovery Assets is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, or any other regulatory body in another jurisdiction, and does not offer regulated services.